Les Brown Incredible Story

As if Miami Dolphins football couldn’t get any more unpredictable, the Dolphins have signed an accountant to a three year deal to play tight end.

Generally speaking, if you dont play football in college, your chances of making it in the NFL are zero to none. However, for Les Brown, it is a different story.

Brown attended high school in Utah where he shined in many sports including basketball, football, and baseball. Brown was even recruited to play football for BYU but he turned it down for basketball. “I didn’t have the body to play football. I was a tall, skinny kid who liked to sit outside and shoot threes,” Brown told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Brown decided to play basketball at Westminster College where he dropped out early to take a job at a private equity accounting firm.

Brown was helping his brother, an offensive lineman for BYU get ready for the draft when he stumbled upon a man that would change his life. Chad Ikei, a trainer from BYU, saw something in Les and believed he had the chance to make it big.

“He looked at me and said, you’ve got the rest of your life to work, you could be a great tight end,” Brown said.

Brown decided to give it a shot and he went to Hawaii to train with other NFL hopefuls to get ready for scouts. Les had an extreme training schedule, working out three times a day and six days a week in an intense camp. Brown’s results were unreal.

Brown had the best vertical jump (39 in), broad jump (10ft, 3in), 40-yard time(4.43) out of anyone at the camp.

Brown quickly started to receive interest from teams like the Giants, Raiders, Colts, Packers, and Dolphins.  In the end, he picked the Dolphins.

While Les Brown has not automatically locked up a starting spot on the team, it would sure make for one heck of a story!

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